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Software development

We can create web-based and desktop-
based applications according to your

Our team has created various projects
using the following programming
languages: C#, C, VB, Python, PHP, MySQL,
and more.

Our rates start at $50/hour for simple
applications and can reach $80/hour for
complex projects, which involve two or
more people working at the same project.
Web development

Having a well-built website is mandatory
these days. Everyone is in a hurry, and
they won't have the time to wait for a
poorly coded site to load.

We build sites using a combination of old
and new technologies, with the goal of
offering you the best of both worlds.

Take our site, for example: it loads
extremely fast and is fully functional. We
can create a similar site for your business.
Website management

So, you've already got a site. But is it
always on? And is it safe when it comes to
cybernetic attacks?

Our website maintenance packages were
designed with the sole purpose of
offering you peace of mind. You've got
much more important things to think
about, rather than keep yourself busy
applying the latest server and CMS
security patches.

That's our job, so let us do it!