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Latest Blog Article: Understanding the WiFi Signal Limitations

Few technologies get bashed more often than WiFi. And for good reason, it seems. Anytime our mobile
devices, be them tablets or phones, begin to act in a weird way, we instinctively start looking at the number
of bars that show the power of the WiFi signal.

We are seeing progress in many tech areas, and WiFi networks are definitely on the list. However, we can't
seem to get these wireless connections behave properly in real-world conditions.

So, how much does this technology have to evolve to keep us all happy? Sadly, the answer is much more
complicated than it should be.

To begin with, the US has a poor Internet infrastructure. Under these circumstances, all you can do is to
maximize the WiFi speed until it hits the infrastructure bottleneck. Some people try to achieve fast, reliable
wireless connections by using u.fl cables to connect high gain antennas to their laptops, for example. Others
use mesh routers to extend WiFi range. Modern signal extenders work to a certain degree as well, but...
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